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Bamboo Turner

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Let's get cooking ---- TOGETHER! Our all-purpose long spatula for any type of food you're cooking. Bamboo is less absorbent than wood and therefore easier to keep clean and sanitary. It is also a sustainable resource. Safe for use on non-stick cookware surfaces.

  • Crafted from renewable-source bamboo for durable construction

  • Burnished during manufacturing process for a rich, smooth finish

  • Safe for all types of cookware, including nonstick finishes

  • Safe in the dishwasher; measures 14 inches long

We have several in the kitchen. One dating back over 20 years just like the 14" wooden turner. You need a few of each in the kitchen. Especially if you have several dishes going or are cooking with someone say a child, a friend or a significant other. Have a nice meal!

Details: 14" Length